Month: March 2014

Live Life

  Simple Effective Things By W.A   I have heard people say that the simplest ingredient to offset self-fulfillment is often times the simplest in life. Ironically, these factors are often overlooked and replaced by the more elaborate things in life such as money, and most things that are tied to money. In the quest for trying to find self-fulfillment, please include some of the simplest ingredients on your list such as love, gratitude, laughter, and forgiveness. Each day, though hard at times, and even when the light is not shining in your own heart, show love by just xtending a simple smile to others; such can change your perspective, as well as others, for the entire day.   Everything is a process, like gratitude, do not try to force it but practice it; learn to give thanks each day for even the simplest of things in life. It may make you feel vulnerable yet at ease when you remember that the fruit of life is a privilege not a right.  Regarding laughter, likewise love, sometimes, it is so  hard to do but I think we should practice laughing without being ashamed, love without condition or calculation, and give thanks even for the chance to do the above; and if at times you feel like crying, do so without apology because it is the cleansing of the heart that you will...

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Poetry from the Heart

An Ounce of Sweetness The rain drops heavily on my head, Like the weight of heavy hands pounding on a door Its sound annoying like the truth introduced to a foolish heart, But its presence is satisfying like that of lustful eyes From afar I can smell your presence Because like closed knitted twins that always together, you carries the wind, with you, wherever It wails live a song echoing, from a broken heart For a moment it feels tangible, but then invisible How, I say “how?” How could I ever think that I can hold on to wind? Oh, I see, Maybe because I like the feel, I feel, when it makes me feel like  who I want to feel like…. A second of sweet delight that falls on my head, wet my face, Then massage by its friend, the winds and its grace I will allow you to keep on fooling me; letting me believe that you can deeply reach me Because you gives me an ounce of sweetness, and feel like a friend I am aiming for better rain but until then, I will let you stain me with the wind… that cool my brain with an ounce of…….sweetness  By W. Ashley  ...

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