Month: June 2016

Free Items; Free Items

Free Disposable Ponchos. They are new, never used, but quantity are very limited. Items are given on a first come, first serve basis. Likewise any items, plastic can also cause harm so read any instruction on package carefully.  By taking this item you agree to use item at your own risk.  Finally, enjoy the wear, and be safe.  ...

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Entertainment News

Hi America, I would like to take this time to share with you an article published in 25 June 2016 issue of the Jamaica Observer Newspaper about yours truly.  You  also follow the link below to read more:…  ...

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Link to websites that claimed to have free give aways

Good Evening America, Below is a  link for a website with information for other websites that claimed to give away free items.  Go check them out; it may worth your while. ArticalMotion will not be responsible for any inaccuracy of information found on  websites attached to link.  Also, please check the legitimacy of the information on each websites; read the fine  print, and last but not least, be safe.  Thank you.

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Important Information For The Uninsured

Hello All, Especially Individuals without Medical Insurance, Below is a link which I found on the internet that provide readers with information that could be vital to the uninsured.  Go check it out.  Nevertheless, please note that owner of ArticalMotion and its affiliates will not be held liable for any incorrect information you may find in the information tied to the link below. Information is from outside source

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What is the Risk

Hi America, I need your comment on this topic Question:  Do you think high tolerance for pain can lead to drug overdose and possible fatal ending even when administered legally by practitioners to patients? In a recent professional group meeting, some individuals expressed concern about their  experiences so please share your knowledge or experience with us. A video on this subject coming soon…..!    ...

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