Month: October 2016

Your Only True Credit

There is nothing emptier than words that bear no weight, no value, and no credit. Ultimately, the word of a man (all), is all he (all) has; if he cannot be trusted by his word, then what true credit does  he bears? Therefore, whatever you do, let your word be your bond because there will be times when that is all the credit you have to cash in. -Rosilina Rolyat....

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The month of October carries the highlighted awareness of one of society’s most prevalent issues-domestic violence. While reports express that the majority of victims to domestic violence are women and children, we must not lose sight of the fact that everyone, including men, can also be victims of domestic violence. Therefore, while we bring the matter of domestic violence to the forefront this month, we must do so with a frame of mind to help all victims of domestic violence, to educate everyone on matters relate to domestic violence, and hope that such knowledge will be used as tools...

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