Act of Kindness

Too frequent one turns on the television and being presented with broadcasting stories that are untasteful or sadden to the ears and eyes. This is one of the reasons why it gives me great pleasure to share what I am about to share with you.

Today, while I was standing at a transportation port, patiently waiting for the bus that takes us from one Base to another, I saw what I thought was an incredible act of kindness that made my heart smiles and shed tears of joy at the same time. For some or most of you that live in a State or country that carries four seasons, you might have experienced days or periods of unpredictable weather. Well, it was the same today; days that carry the sense of spring; days that feel like summer forcing itself in Spring’s territory, and of course, return again are the cold days that seem too stubborn to go away. Indeed, today was one of those unpredictable cold days as yesterday was feeling warn like the best part of spring and summer. It came as no surprise that some people would think that we were going to get the same warm niceness as yesterday so they were wearing attires that screamed, “At last, another sunny day.”

However, the weather wasn’t smiling. It was also obviously not in favor for one particular female and her infant today who was also at the bus port; they were obviously dressed to meet the blooming of the sunny weather. Even the feet of the child was naked. Even I had some regret not wearing a winter coat instead of my spring jacket-we were feeling it. We were tricked by the weather. We were feeling the cold lashes of the weather so much that the child kept on crying while its mother attempting to do her best to used her hands to warm the child’s feet and her chin to cover its head. It wasn’t working though because the child continues to cry. Shortly after, like a faucet turned off from bleeding water that carries a loud sound so was the crying of the child ceased when another mother stopped who was pushing a  stroller that carries her baby who appears to be sound asleep and who offered one of her baby blankets to the other mother with the crying baby.  She said in a kind and caring tone of voice, “Can I offer you a blanket?” Without hesitation, the mother with the crying baby replied in a joyful and relieving tone of voice, “That would be so nice.” There, I stood watching as both mother effortlessly and somewhat, understandably, wrapped the blanket around the baby the best way possible. I watch as my heart smiles and cries tears of joy at the same time as the baby stopped crying and started smiling. I am not sure, but I saw another lady that was next to me wiped her eyes as if she was wiping away tears. I may be wrong, but it love was in the air so I would not be surprised if I was right either. It was a good, caring and hopeful moment. A moment of recognition. One  I thought I must share. Hope you enjoy this story.  Happy Friday.