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We are ArticalMotion – a company that will introduce a taste of original music, poetry, and articles to the public

About us


The essence of reaching and helping is exercising the ability to see through one as apposed to look at one-such is the essence of empathy. – Rosilina Rolyat- ArticalMotion

There is nothing  emptier than words that bear no weight, no value, and no credit. Ultimately, the word of a man (all), is all he (all) has; if he cannot be trusted by his word, then what true credit does he bears? Therefore, whatever you do, let your word be your bond because there will be times when that is all the credit you have to cash in. -Rosilina Rolyat- ArticalMotion

“Do me a favor for something in return, and I will remember. Do me a favor expecting nothing in return, and I will never forget.” – Rosilina Rolyat – ArticalMotion.

We are ArticalMotion –

Our Mission: To create and share content that inspires, educates, motivates, informs, and empowers

*****Please Note: The thoughts and opinions expressed on this website  are in no way affiliated or connected with my affiliation with  the United States Military. The appearance of external links or other information relating to the military on this site do not constitute official endorsement on behalf of the U.S. Army, Department of Defense or any other government agency or entity

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