Wed. Dec 11th, 2019


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Poetry from the Heart

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An Ounce of Sweetness

The rain drops heavily on my head,

Like the weight of heavy hands pounding on a door

Its sound annoying like the truth introduced to a foolish heart,

But its presence is satisfying like that of lustful eyes

From afar I can smell your presence

Because like closed knitted twins that always together, you carries the wind, with you, wherever

It wails live a song echoing, from a broken heart

For a moment it feels tangible, but then invisible

How, I say “how?” How could I ever think that I can hold on to wind?

Oh, I see, Maybe because I like the feel, I feel, when it makes me feel like  who I want to feel like….

A second of sweet delight that falls on my head, wet my face,

Then massage by its friend, the winds and its grace

I will allow you to keep on fooling me; letting me believe that you can deeply reach me

Because you gives me an ounce of sweetness, and feel like a friend

I am aiming for better rain but until then,

I will let you stain me with the wind… that cool my brain with an ounce of…….sweetness

 By W. Ashley


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