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The Family Strong Bond Tree

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I would usually write an article that is applicable to individuals in the military as well as civilian arena. However, this month I decided to go deeper into my thought box. The above drawing was used at one of my coping skill group sessions that I facilitated, and decided to share it with my fellow Soldiers and their family members. I named the above drawing, “The Family Bond Tree.” The drawing coupled with it’s name may seem obvious but its meaning is more than the obvious.
The tree itself represents the entire family as a unit; it can be very strong but not without nurturing. Each member of the family has to support the unit (the tree) with a synergistic effort in order for the tree to flourish. Similar to trees humans too have their blooming and withering seasons.

The red heart drawings represent the presence of each family member with the exception of the heart on top the tree. The heart that sits on top of the tree represents the higher spirit or whatever higher power one worships. In my opinion, in order for one to function fully as an individual as well as a unit the presence or inclusion of something higher than self needs to be involve. This also helps guard, guide, and lead you to become more resilient and hopefully become stronger as an individual as well as a unit. The two larger hearts on the tree represent the head of the household (such as mother and father). When the head of household operates without the inclusion of other family members such as the children, the unit starts to divide. Therefore, it is wiser to include other family members in your day to day operation in order for the dynamic of the unit remains strong.
The small hearts represent the other member of the family and friends. Most, if not all are very much aware that friends sometimes can be a very strong source of support; and I believe that my God knows, as Soldiers, we need strong support systems. The heart that hanging just by a limb represents thing in our lives that we tend to hold on to that we know are not good for us or our family, and does not bring out the good in us. The heart that fell off the tree represent baggage that we tend to let go physically but emotionally we still carry them in our heart which eventually will negatively affect us and our families.
In order for you to function effectively as self you have to learn how to depend upon others because we can only do so much by ourselves before we reach a crossroad that will require the help of others to move forward or upward. With the same frame of mind, in order for us to function as a unit or strong family (as indicated by the above drawing), we have to recognize and respect each individual’s contribution to the unit stronghold. Lastly, we are very much aware that in order for one to know where he is going one has to know from where he came. Indeed, this can be done without holding on to past that will negatively affect your future or relationships. Become the subject of your future and not a victim of your past. Become yourself, be yourself so that you can truly know yourself. This way you can positively contribute strongly to your family tree.

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