Good Day America, and a wonderful good afternoon to all members of Articalmotion! As you already aware, winter is upon us with the exception of a few unusual sunny days. With this in mind Articalmotion is having a winter coat drive. Winter coats that I will be purchasing and collects from very supportive members of Articalmotion, and other supportive individuals will be given to the homeless, and Veterans who identified as being homeless. If you know of any individual who are “homeless,” and need a coat prior to 18 November 2015, please send an email to info@articalmotion.com. This email should include size of coat needed, and gender of individual in need of coat. This information will help Articalmotion find the best possible fitting to the request. Please note all request are not guarantee to be full-filled, but we will do the best we can to full-fill as many request possible.